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Septic System Repairs

Septic System Repairs

In the event your septic system is failing, you can rely on All-American Septic Service . We are certified in septic service and pump repairs. We are fully experienced repairing and replacing septic systems. We inspect each component, ensuring the system is properly functioning. Request Septic Repair Service today.

Cover Replacement Septic Covers
Septic Covers are a potential hazard. We can inspect, repair or replace your cover. We stock a selection of septic covers and can replacement of any size and shape.

Distribution Box, Inlet/Outlet T’s and Baffles
All-American can repair or replace your broken or damaged Distribution Box, Inlet/Outlet T’s and Baffles.

Tank Seal
We can inspect your tank for cracks, leaks, or holes. We are also experienced at sealing septic tank in an effort to save the system.

Sewer Line Repair or Replacement
All-American repairs /replaces breaks and cracks to the main line from your home to your septic tank.

Build Up
For septic systems have covers recessed into the ground, we can install a Build Up, or Riser, to raise the level of your cover to at or above grade. This c an save money and prevent servicing problems during the winter cold.